Utku Kaya on AI Based Medical Device Development

Utku Kaya will give a seminar on “AI Based Medical Device Development ” on 12 April at 12:45. The abstract of the talk and a short bio is shared below.

Utku Kaya (BSc, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, METU), has first been involved in the software industry during his undergraduate years. After 10+ years of software engineering experience, he joined Oracle Turkey where he executed numerous public sector projects for 8 years. In 2019 he founded SmartAlpha, an AI start-up that aims to democratize AI in healthcare globally.

Industry experts agree that AI will revolutionize healthcare in near future. But who will develop these revolutionary tools: Engineers or clinicians? Utku Kaya, the founder of SmartAlpha, believes that the development of such impactful tools requires a transdiciplinary approach where engineers and clinicians understand and serve for each other during the entire production process. This journey to a high impact success is challenging due to strict regulatory needs, massive data dependencies and market complexity.
Utku Kaya outlines the path to develop an AI-in-healthcare solution from idea to product.