Ayşegül Tombuloğlu

Room:  B-219, Phone: 7862, Email: aysegul.tombuloglu[at]

Ece Çağlayan

Room:  B-219, Phone: 7879, Email: cece[at]

Teaching Assistant:

MIN 524 Fundamentals of Medical Imaging: Acquisition and Reconstruction
MIN 537 Neural Networks for Biomedical Applications

H. Cansu Demirel
Room: B-122, Phone: 7725, E-mail: cansud[at]

Research Areas: Network Modeling, Protein Interactions
Teaching Assistant: 

BIN 500 Programming for Informatics

BIN 515 Structural Bioinformatics

BIN 503 Biological Databases and Data Analysis Tools

Bengi Ruken Yavuz

Room: B-122, Phone: 7725, Email: bengiy[at]

Research Areas: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Personalized Medicine, Structural Bioinformatics

Teaching Assistant:

BIN 502 Statistical Methods for Informatics

BIN 504 Probabilistic and Statistical Modeling for Bioinformatics

Mine Yoldaş

Room: B-118, Phone: 7879, Email: myoldas[at]

Esra Nalbat

Room: B-122, Phone: 7725, Email: esra[at]

Research Areas:

Bioinformatics, System Biology, Cancer Biology, Drug Discovery, Drug Repurposing


Murat Koçak

Room: B-120, Phone: 7870, Email: mkocak[at]

Teaching Assistant:

MIN 502 Introduction to Medical Informatics

MIN 715 Future Studies for Healthcare