Dr. Gökçe Ertürkmen on Integrated Care Approach for the Management of Chronic Diseases in Europe and Turkey

Dr. Gökçe Ertürkmen will give a seminar on “Integrated Care Approach for the Management of Chronic Diseases in Europe and Turkey” on 27 December at 13:40. The abstract of the talk and a short bio is shared below.

Dr. Ertürkmen has obtained her BSc, MSc, PhD from the Computer Engineering Department of the Middle East Technical University. She has finalized her PhD study on Intelligent Healthcare Monitoring Systems based on Semantically Enriched Clinical Guidelines in June 2008. She has worked as the principal researcher in many EU funded R&D projects. She has coordinated ICT-287800 SALUS project, which addresses standards-based semantic interoperability for secondary use of EHRs in pharmacovigilance domain. She has acted as the technical co-chair of the IHE QRPH domain, which is a standardization initiative in the field of quality reporting, secondary use of EHRs for research purposes and public health domain. She has published more than 90 papers in refereed international conferences and journals. Currently she is acting as the R&D director of SRDC A.Ş.

In this talk, Dr. Ertürkmen will present the challenges of chronic disease management, and will present an ICT infrastructure facilitating integrated care enabling multi-disciplinary care team members to collaboratively manage the care of chronic disease patients. The underlying interoperability architecture and clinical decision support systems will be introduced. Two example systems from Europe and Turkey will be presented.