Full-Time Faculty

Aybar Can Acar, Asst. Prof. Dr.

Room: B-206, Phone: 7707, Email: acacar[at]metu.edu.tr

Fields of Interest:

Information Integration, Information Quality, Data Mining, Security and Privacy in Distributed Data, Bioinformatics


Tolga Esat Özkurt, Assoc. Prof. Dr.

Room: B-219, Phone: 7883, Email: ozkurt[at]metu.edu.tr

Fields of Interest:

Neural oscillations (EEG, LFP, MEG); Cognitive Neuroscience; Biomedical signal processing; Statistical signal processing; 1/f processes; Neural Networks; Pattern Recognition; Speech Processing


Ünal Erkan Mumcuoğlu, Prof. Dr.

Room: A-218, Phone: 3753, Email: merkan[at]metu.edu.tr

Fields of Interest:

2D and 3D Medical and Biological Image Analysis applications. The main areas of his research focus in recent years are: Automatic and Semi-Automatic Image Segmentation, Computer-Aided Diagnosis, Multi-modality Image-Fusion, Mitocondria detection and segmentation on Electron Microscopy images


Yeşim Aydın Son, Assoc. Prof. Dr.

Room: B-207, Phone: 7708, Email: yesim[at]metu.edu.tr

Fields of Interest:

bioinformatics; computational biology; genomics; GWAS microarray data analysis, genomic biomarker research, personalized medicine, medical informatics, genomics, genomics and risk susceptibilities, next generation sequencing, neurogenetics, molecular genetics


Burçak Otlu

Burçak Otlu, Asst. Prof. Dr.

Room: B-204, Phone: 7882, Email: burcako[at]metu.edu.tr

Fields of Interest:

Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Machine Learning


Former Faculty Members

Rengül Çetin Atalay, Prof. Dr.

Fields of Interest:

Computational techniques for the analysis of protein sequence and

cellular pathways annotation, cellular stress mechanisms in liver cancer and

the identification and molecular characterization of natural or synthetic

cytotoxic compounds as candidate therapeutic agents in liver cancer,

computational analysis of cancer cell microscopic images under chemical stress


Nurcan Tunçbağ, Assoc. Prof. Dr.

Fields of Interest:

cancer systems biology, structural bioinformatics, protein interactions, integrative

biology, multi-omic data integration, patient specific network modeling


Didem Gökçay

Didem Gökçay, Assoc. Prof. Dr.